Quote heard at the high school; “We are so fortunate to have what we have, but this comes with responsibility. It is our duty to give this same joy, education, and knowledge to those around us.”

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I am over-the-moon to present all 4 of my animation videos finished and personalized for each elementary school of DPS109. Please click on your school, share this with your classroom, and post about your classroom learning #esafety with @GuruDetective! Even if you are visiting my website newly, please share this with your classroom and spread the word of online safety.

WHY SHOULD I SHARE: Kids use screens for six or more hours on end during one day(BBC News) and safety is slowly looming into the lives of students and civilians. Young students are VULNERABLE to clicking spurious links online and even taking the path on social media that leaves a lasting, negative digital footprint. Young students are VULNERABLE to cyber threats, whether that be through cyberbullying, which 55% of kids have said to have seen something bad about them online, dangerous threats, as more than a quarter of young people have been involved in exposing situations on devices, or scamming situations through email that can BRING malware, keyloggers, and even ransomware to the device and inflict damage. My goal is to reduce these numbers so that students can grow to leverage technology and be equipped to handle the responsibility that comes with the growing face of this field.

South Park:

Wilmot Elementary School:


Kiping Elementary School:

Walden Elementary School:

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Please share this video with students and children! I hope you enjoy this fun animation experience!

As always, stay safe & join us next week to learn @ Bits N’ Bytes!

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