Odds Are Your Favorite Places Have Been Data-Breached!

Hello! Thank you for joining me this Thursday for our weekly quick bit.

Today, I am simply going to give you an outline of some recent companies that you have heard of that have had data breaches recently. My inspiration for this post came from an email I received today about a website I used every day in my middle school experience. The truth of it is that we use these sites that are vulnerable every day. We cannot completely avoid it because even the most reputed organizations
can be attacked. Let’s take a look at three examples of recent cybersecurity in our air!

  1. Chipotle: This week, customer payment data was stolen from most of its 2,250 restaurants. This happened between March 24 and April 18th. This information can be used to make unauthorized payments or clone credit cards. Click here for more data!
  2.  WannaCry (Ransomware, but still important to know !): Occurred from May 13-May 15, 2017 in over 150 countries, affecting over 230,000 computers. One of the largest, most pervasive ransomware attacks. Really opens our eyes about the future of data and organizations. Click here for more information!
  3. Grozio Chirurgija: May 2017, cosmetic surgery clinic in Lithuania suffered a breach of 25,000 patient photos (serious, right!?) and ID scans released. Ransoms were demanded! Click here for more information!
  4. K-Mart: 735 US Locations, credit cards exposed. K-mart released that they have fixed the malware issue, but know that the malware  POS is commonly used to track card data. Click here for more information! 
  5. Edmodo: Yes, our dear friend, Edmodo! Remember this ol’ pal we use for connecting teachers with students? This morning, my parents (having the account from my middle school days) received an email confirming that usernames, passwords, and emails have been breached from the site. 77 MILLION accounts have been stolen and are being sold on the dark web. MORE information here!
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World’s Data Breaches