New Year, Growing Numbers

Hey there! So you may be thinking: this blog is cool, but why cyber security?

There is an endless list of reasons why cyber security and staying safe on devices is super important. We rely on devices- in fact, you’re using a device to read this post. All these devices have to be taken care of and used correctly in order to reduce vulnerability to attack. If we’re talking all of these devices, we’re talking the 15 billion devices connected to the Internet worldwide! That number is only growing, so the importance of this concept will never disappear. Let’s check out points from this cool article I found from CSO Online.┬áThis is just a snapshot of the detailed insight.

These numbers summarize the cyber security industry in 2016, and indicate what’s in store for the next five years.

1. Cybercrime causes damage to the systems it hits. Cybercrime damage costs are predicted to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021. It all begins and ends with cybercrime. Without it, there’s nothing to cyber-defend.
2. As you learned in my video, we can install updated anti-malware to help us combat(to the extent we can), cybercrime. Cyber security spending to exceed $1 trillion from 2017 to 2021. The rising tide of cybercrime has pushed cyber security spending on products and services to more than $80 billion in 2016, according to Gartner.

3. Unfilled cyber security jobs will reach 1.5 million by 2019. This year, analysts and the media concluded there is a severe shortage of cybersecurity talent globally.

4.  The population of people online is predicted to reach 4 billion people online by 2020. As the world goes digital, humans have moved ahead of machines as the top target for cybercriminals.

5. Up to 200 billion IoT devices will need securing by 2020. The more devices we have; home security, Chromebooks, phones, robots that do our homework(ok, maybe not this last one), they more protection we need for these devices.

During the next five years, cybercrime might become the greatest threat to every person, place, and thing in the world. Buuuuttt, we are going to learn how to keep ourselves and our devices safe!

More to come,