Stations: Privacy, Phishing, Passwords, and Spreading the Message!

This page is your landing page for every station.

You’ll find activity guides, links, and presentations here. You will be able to have this as a resource after today’s event.

Station 1: Digital Citizenship/Online Privacy: Just Google It!

Station 2: Phishing Emails: Scams that lead to global disasters!

  • Click this link: My App
    • Follow the “Detecting Phishing Email” track
    • If you finish early, try the “Password Management” track
  • 2 awesome games to learn more about phishing
  • Make Your Own App teaching your family and loved ones about phishing attacks:
    • Thinking points: What can we do to avoid them? How do we know that an email is a phish? Should we click the link?
    • Go to  and scroll down to the bottom where it says “Projects.” Click “Make an App Lab App.”

Station 3: Password Strength!

Station 4: Poster Creation Station!

  • Here, you will be getting into small groups (Groups of 3, 4, 5, whatever works in your traveling group)
  • Watch this 5-minute video of cyber-safety tips:
  • Grab a poster and markers. You will be making an online safety poster with your group!
    • Ideas include but are not limited to:
      • A Poster about a recent large data breach
      • A cartoon with a character making a “cyber-mistake”
      • Rules for being good digital citizens
      • “Top 5 tips” to cybersecurity
      • Any other creative privacy issue you know/learned about.
  • We will be presenting our posters to the other groups at your station. When everyone is ready, Call over Kyla or another teacher to watch!

Whole Group Post Survey: